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Security Guards Only Brand Design

Security Guards Only (SGO) is North America's leading job platform dedicated exclusively to the security industry. They aim to bridge the gap between top employers and skilled job seekers, establishing themselves as the primary resource for security guard opportunities. Recognizing the need to elevate their brand identity, they approached us for a complete rebranding.


SGO sought to reshape its digital presence, projecting an image of trustworthiness and professionalism while maintaining accessibility for job seekers. Our task was to deliver a visual identity that conveyed reliability to both job-seeking guards and companies looking to post job opportunities.

Building this relationship of trust was pivotal. Our collaborative approach ensured that we genuinely grasped SGO's unique stance in the market, which is more than just a job portal—it's an opportunity to build a career.

Security Guards Only

A Strong Presence, Redefined

Branding is the silent ambassador of a company. SGO realized the immense value of having a brand that resonates with its core audience. In the fast-paced digital age, a robust and modern brand is essential to remain relevant and to inspire confidence. By refining their brand, SGO not only enhanced their digital presence but fortified their position as the go-to platform in the security job market.

Key Considerations

Market Perception

Brand Awareness

Streamlined User Experience

Building Trust

Logo Design & Colour Palette

The original SGO logo was functional, but it lacked the dynamism and modernity the platform needed. We ventured into designs that were bold, yet minimalist. The final logo, incorporating a shield motif, symbolizes both security and trust.

For the colour palette, we chose a combination of deep blue and gradient yellows, striking a balance between trustworthiness and innovation. For a brand in the security industry, this suggests that while they are reliable and serious about their role in protection, they also bring a fresh, modern approach to the market.

Design Strategy

SGO's primary concern was creating a design that's versatile, evoking trust whether it's on their website, social media, or any promotional material. We embedded this principle into our strategy, ensuring adaptability across all platforms. Regular consultations with SGO ensured that the evolving design always aligned with their vision and mission.

Brand Guide

Our comprehensive brand guide for SGO serves as a foundational tool. From precise logo placements and coluor codes to typography specifications, this guide ensures that the SGO brand remains consistent and impactful, regardless of where it's represented.

“Every time I embark on a new project, seoplus+ is my go-to for branding.”

“Every time I embark on a new project, seoplus+ is my go-to for branding. Their ability to distill a brand's essence and present it in a modern and compelling way has consistently set our ventures on a path to thrive.”

– Jeff Ketelaars
Co-Founder, Security Guards Only (SGO)

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