Elevating a Mortgage Broker’s Brand to New Heights

Jason Anbara Brand Design

Jason Anbara Mortgages has been a cornerstone in the Ottawa mortgage industry, helping thousands of clients achieve their dream of homeownership. They turned to seoplus+ to create a more professional and modern brand to elevate their online presence and reflect their industry leadership.


Tasked with elevating the brand of Jason Anbara Mortgages, we focused on creating a professional and modern look that communicated the team’s expertise and leadership in the mortgage industry. The goal was to refine the logo, establish a cohesive visual identity, and redesign the website to enhance the user experience and visual appeal.

Jason Anbara

A Sophisticated Brand, Redefined

The challenge was to create a brand and website that matched the high standards and professional stature of Jason Anbara Mortgages. Our objective was to develop a visual identity that was not only modern and professional but also engaging and reflective of their leadership in the mortgage industry.

By focusing on design elements such as shapes, spacing, and angles, we ensured a cohesive and sophisticated look across the brand and website.

Key Considerations

Professionalism and Modernity

Visual Interest and Consistency

Enhanced User Experience

Logo Enhancement and Visual Strategy

We started by reviewing the existing brand identity, identifying opportunities to refine the logo for better readability and visual appeal. Our design thinking led to the use of more interesting shapes and a new typeface that felt modern and cohesive with the brand’s new direction. The colour palette was carefully considered to ensure harmony and consistency across all elements.

Website Redesign and Visual Integration

The redesigned website incorporated elevated aspects from the logo, creating a seamless flow between branding and web design. We explored creative approaches to background imagery, blending sections and creating overlapping elements to add depth and visual interest. Each component of the site was designed to enhance visual appeal without detracting from the content.

Brand Usage Guidelines

We provided a comprehensive brand guide to maintain consistency across all branded materials, outlining logo usage, colour hex codes, and approved font styles.

“seoplus+ did more than redesign our website — they elevated our entire brand with a high-end feel. We have complete confidence that this new look supports us as leaders in the mortgage lending space.”

– Jason Anbara
Owner, Jason Anbara Mortgages

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