A Smile-Worthy Logo Design and Brand Guide

Beechwood Dental Brand Design

Beechwood Dental is a leading dental clinic in Ottawa. They reached out to us with help on a logo and brand refresh that would balance a warm & modern aesthetic with a professional look that made sense for the dental space.


Beechwood Dental came to us to develop an extensive visual identity for business cards, paper headers,  and signage. The brand guidelines would also serve as the foundation for all future marketing efforts, including social media. Our team collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and deliver not just a logo redesign but a full brand package that elevated the identity of this highly regarded dental clinic.

Beechwood Dental

A Powerful Brand, Evolved

Branding is more than just a look; it's the voice and feel of a company. Beechwood Dental recognized that evolving their brand was key to maintaining trust and connecting with both loyal and new patients. A refreshed brand signals progress, commitment, and adaptability. By updating their identity, Beechwood Dental not only modernized their appeal but also reinforced their dedication to exceptional dental care.

Key Considerations

Patient Perception

Client Preferences

Cohesiveness Across Marketing Materials

Balance of Warmth & Professionalism

Logo Design & Colour Palette

Beechwood Dental's logo has always had a unique identity with "OD" being a recognizable element. Our challenge was to retain this essence while infusing a modern touch. After exploring various design iterations, we settled on a rendition that keeps "OD" central, yet reimagined in a fresh, contemporary manner.When it came to the colour palette, we had clear directives. Blue, pink, purple, and red were off the table. This gave us a unique challenge, as these are often go-to choices in the dental sector. But it also gave us the chance to break the mold. We were drawn to the warmth and positivity of a soft orange—a colour the client was fond of. We complemented this primary shade with pastel  tones, giving Beechwood Dental a balanced, inviting, and distinct visual identity in the dental landscape.

Design Strategy

Understanding the client's key considerations was paramount when it came to design strategy. Their requirement for a versatile design, which could be seamlessly used across various platforms—from social media and business cards to signage— shaped our approach. Regular check-ins and feedback loops were integrated into our workflow, helping us to fine-tune the design to perfectly align with their objectives. The result? A brand identity that's tailor-made for Beechwood Dental, ensuring consistent brand representation no matter where it's showcased.

Brand Guide

A brand guide is a reference tool to help maintain consistency in look and feel across branded mediums, from signage and brochures to the website and social media posts. Our design team provided Beechwood Dental with a comprehensive brand guide that outlines everything from logo usage and colour hex codes to typography and button styles.This brand guide now serves as the blueprint for how the brand communicates, ensuring every interaction resonates with the essence of Beechwood Dental.

"It's clear they're passionate about what they do, and it shows in the quality of their work."

"Teaming up with seoplus+ for Beechwood Dental's branding felt genuinely collaborative. We navigated the process together, ensuring our logo and brand truly resonated with our identity. It's clear they're passionate about what they do, and it shows in the quality of their work."

– Dr. Anita E, DDS
Owner, Beechwood Dental

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