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NorthLend Financial specializes in managing private mortgages and providing comprehensive administrative services. To establish a new brand identity that emphasizes ultra-professionalism and modern relevance, they partnered with seoplus+ for a comprehensive website redesign and development.


NorthLend Financial is a leading private mortgage specialist group committed to delivering expert mortgage management and administration services. They sought a website that would showcase their professionalism and industry leadership through a modern and refined online presence.

Built With

Our design team used Figma to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, collaborating closely with our SEO team and the client to refine the website’s design and layout.

Our development team built a custom WordPress template using the Understrap framework, incorporating HTML/CSS, PHP, and JS to ensure a robust and responsive site.

Key Considerations

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Templates

WPML - Multilingual Integration

Mortgage Tools Integration

Enhanced Security Considerations

ACF Templates

Our development team implemented Advanced Custom Field (ACF) templates to maximize customization and streamline content management.

ACF templates enable us to create tailored website elements that meet specific client needs, offering a flexibility that standard WordPress fields lack.

This approach enhances the user experience with intuitive and consistent interfaces, resulting in a highly adaptable website that clients can easily maintain and expand.

Multilingual Integration

For NorthLend Financial, it was essential to have a multilingual website offering content in both of Canada’s official languages. We installed and configured the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin to facilitate seamless transitions between English and French content.

Mortgage Tools Integration

To enhance functionality, our team integrated third-party mortgage tools directly into the website. These tools include a mortgage calculator, rate finder, and online application form, which are crucial for improving user experience and simplifying the mortgage process. 

The seamless integration of these tools ensures that users can access key information and complete tasks without leaving the site, making NorthLend Financial’s website a comprehensive resource for mortgage solutions.

Key Stats

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"We entrusted seoplus+ to breathe new life into our online identity. Their expertise and creativity have turned our website into a beacon of trust and truly positioned us as the market leaders."

– Jason Anbara, Owner,
NorthLend Financial

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