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Only provides an easier, convenient, more sustainable way to get what you need to get through your period. Pads, tampons, and liners made of organic cotton, wrapped and packaged in biodegradable materials. All ethically sourced, affordably priced, and delivered in bulk, saving you time, money, and the environment.


Our challenge was multifaceted — from expanding brand identity to enhancing visual appeal and elevating excitement and engagement levels. Our mission was to seamlessly merge the distinct styles of Only and their supplier Green Umbrella, all within the framework of the Shopify platform.

This undertaking demanded close collaboration with our client, who was handling the development of the website. Our team embraced the challenge with creativity, accountability and expertise, setting the stage for a successful brand enhancement, build and launch.

Built With

Approaching the challenge, our focal points were clear and we got to work. 
Our expertise shone through as we not only designed a visually pleasing solution but also strategically integrated existing theme sections and constructs to simplify the process for Dan, a new builder.

Key Considerations

e-Commerce Functionality

Increasing Engagement

Developer Hand-off

Intentional and Deliberate Design

Our deliberate design choices included enhancing visual interest and promoting sustainability through the integration of natural and sustainable imagery. 
The incorporation of bright pops of colour, complementing the "nutrition label" style, added vibrancy and modernity to the design, resonating more effectively with the target audience.

The meticulous attention to detail in our deliberate design approach is highlighted by Dan's acknowledgment of the quality assets provided, minimizing the need for revisions.

Streamlined Hand-off Process

Positive feedback from Dan highlights the success of our streamlined design process, emphasizing efficiency and client satisfaction. The cohesive and engaging design, melding the distinctive styles of both brands, resonated effectively with the target audience.

Notably, the deliberate integration of natural and sustainable imagery, coupled with vibrant pops of colour, enhanced visual interest and reinforced sustainability values. The results showcase a visually appealing, functionally sound design, ultimately contributing to a satisfied and happy client.

Key Stats

We build beautiful websites that perform. Explore real data on the performance of this website since launch.
"They not only designed a solution visually, but I know that seoplus+ designed us a solution that could be executed on time with the skillsets we had."

"The team quickly responded when I had questions or needed advice and in addition, the site assets provided were quality, yes, but most importantly - they were deliberate. The aspect ratios fit the site and I didn't have to re-work them like I've had to do with some past designers. A really special thank you to Brian, because I couldn't have built this site on time without him. I extend these thanks and qualities to the entire seoplus+ team."

– Daniel King
Co-Founder, Only

Contributing Departments

Web Design

User Experience


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