Empowering IT: A Brand Transformation

RevNet Brand Design

RevNet, based in Ottawa, stands at the forefront as a trusted managed service provider (MSP), delivering best-in-class IT services to clients across a range of industries. They reached out to us for a brand refresh to set them apart in a competitive landscape.


RevNet approached us with a clear vision: to reinvigorate their brand, reflecting the cutting-edge solutions they offer in the managed IT services space. They envisioned a brand identity that would differentiate them in the competitive market while reinforcing the trust and dedication they've cultivated over the years.

Our collaboration aimed to transform their brand's visual and communicative elements, ensuring that every interaction with RevNet radiates excellence and reliability.


Evolution, Not Revolution

In the world of IT, trust is paramount. Clients need assurance that their tech backbone is in expert hands. RevNet recognized that to resonate more profoundly with their clients, they had to evolve their brand presence. This evolution wasn't merely aesthetic; it was about sending a powerful message of reliability, forward-thinking, and unrivaled expertise.

Key Considerations

Market Differentiation

Brand Awareness

Clear Communication

Trust & Reliability

Logo Design & Colour Palette

RevNet's previous brand presence had served them well, but the time for change was evident. Our challenge lay in creating a logo that was distinct, spoke to their expertise, and radiated trust. After numerous brainstorming sessions and design sprints, we crafted a logo that seamlessly merged the concepts of technology and trust.

The colour palette became a tool to reinforce their brand values. The final colour palette paints a picture of an MSP that is deeply knowledgeable and reliable (dark navy), yet modern and adaptable (teal-blue). The lighter shades of blue and gray suggest transparency and approachability.

Design Strategy

Engaging with RevNet, it became clear that their brand update was not just about looks but about clear, concise communication. Their service offerings needed to be presented with clarity, ensuring prospects could quickly discern the value RevNet brought to the table. Our design strategy centered around user-centricity and crystal-clear messaging.

Brand Guide

A brand guide serves as a crucial reference for ensuring consistent visual identity across various branded platforms, including signage, tech uniforms, websites, and document templates. The design team supplied RevNet with a detailed brand guide detailing logo application, colour hex codes, typography, and button designs.

“Collaborating with seoplus+ on our brand transformation was a game-changer.”

“Collaborating with seoplus+ on our brand transformation was a game-changer. They don't just design; they understand, innovate, and deliver. Now, RevNet's brand truly mirrors our vision, and I'm confident in our market positioning more than ever.”

– Neil Witts
IT Manager, RevNet

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