Mental Health Trainer Boosts Awareness with Short-Form Video Series

Mental Health Trainer Short-Form Videos

Yvette Murray, Canada’s Mental Health Trainer, is a mental health advocate, influencer, and keynote speaker. Yvette recognized the power of digital media to amplify her message and reach a wider audience. To achieve this, Yvette leveraged our expertise in short-form video production.


Mental Health Trainer, committed to spreading mental health awareness, aimed to enhance their digital presence and connect more deeply with their audience.

We identified short-form video content as the most effective way to convey their important messages. Our strategy centred around creating authentic, helpful content that could resonate with viewers and provide tangible value.

Mental Health Trainer

Crafting a Purpose-Driven Social Media Strategy

Our approach at Mental Health Trainer was targeted and effective: creating content that directly addresses mental health guidance. We focused on crafting insightful topics and leveraging top-tier production to enhance short-form video nuances. 

By merging storytelling with the format's immediacy, we amplified our mission and fostered genuine connections with a wider audience.

Key Considerations

Audience engagement

Authenticity of content

Relevant messaging

Short-Form Video Production

Our collaboration with Mental Health Trainer emphasized quality production for impactful videos. We storyboarded and scripted each piece to ensure the core message was clear and resonant. 

Filming in our state-of-the-art studio, we focused on authenticity, capturing genuine insights that made the content professional and heartfelt.

Short-Form Video Post-Production & Publication

Our dedication to Mental Health Trainer carried through to post-production, where we handled editing, integrated music tracks voiceovers, and added clear subtitles. After crafting compelling captions and selecting the right hashtags, we published the videos on relevant platforms, optimizing for maximum reach. 

By engaging with the audience, we fostered a community committed to Mental Health Trainer's vital mission.

“I couldn't have asked for a better team to manage my short-form video strategy. Their professionalism shines throughout the process, and I'm so happy with the videos we were able to capture.”

– Yvette Murray
Canada’s Mental Health Trainer

Contributing Departments

Social Media


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