Home Hardware Presses Play on Short-Form Video Campaign

Home Hardware Short-Form Videos

Two Home Hardware locations in eastern Ontario recognized the power of social media to drive local foot traffic and sales. With a highly competitive market, they turned to our expertise in short-form video to enhance their local presence.


Understanding the competitive landscape of retail hardware, a Home Hardware operator was eager to bolster his stores' social media presence.

With the overarching company's website out of our purview, we identified social media—specifically reels and short-form video—as the most effective tool. Our strategy focused on delivering consistent, topical, and timely messages to target the surrounding area, aiming to create buzz, drive foot traffic, and ultimately increase sales.

Home Hardware

Short-Form Video Strategy

We developed a comprehensive short-form video strategy that emphasized meticulous planning and relevance to resonate with audiences. Our videos stood out in a crowded market by focusing on authenticity and tailoring content to seasonal trends and Home Hardware customer needs. This strategic attention to detail ensured our content was timely, pertinent, and perfectly aligned with our client's goals.

Key Considerations

Audience Localization

Competitive market

Content authenticity

Content relevance

Short-Form Video Production

Our commitment to Home Hardware involved more than strategy; we were deeply involved in bringing their vision to life. Working closely with the client, we meticulously storyboarded and scripted each video to highlight the brand's voice and values. 

We also travelled to on-site locations with professional gear, capturing authentic moments and coaching staff featured in the videos. This comprehensive approach ensured that the final product was professional and genuinely reflected Home Hardware's essence.

Short-Form Video Post-Production & Publication

We managed the entire post-production process for Home Hardware, ensuring seamless editing, fitting music, voiceovers, and accurate subtitles. Beyond production, we also handled publishing on social media, crafting engaging captions and selecting effective hashtags for optimal visibility. 

By staying actively engaged with the audience, we fostered a community around the Home Hardware brand, enhancing each video's impact.

“The Crysler & Maxville Home Hardware team couldn't have asked for a better agency to manage our short-form videos. The social department at seoplus+ produces high-quality, engaging videos that align with the Home Hardware brand and message."

"This includes good scripting, filming, editing, and understanding what works in short-form video. The team at seoplus+ is excellent and brings a highly professional work ethic.”

– Mark Begg
Dealer-Owner, Home Hardware

Contributing Departments

Social Media

Video Production


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